Tin foil

Man I make good cake. That rhubarb and custard cake (previous post) is just as good a day later even after being wrapped in tin foil and bashed around in my handbag.  I love the lumps of custard in the cake. I never realised you could do that with custard but I am definitely going to try it again. I think it would go well with my autumn staple of Swedish apple cake.

I’m full of Friday joy today. It’s been a really long week, mainly because it’s been ridiculously hot where ever I am – the office is about 30C and home is not far off that and I’ve been cycling quite a bit so am basically always hot and sweaty. Which is awful. Constant dehydration is making me miserable and feel quite headachy all the time.

It’s been a really quiet week this week as I’m trying to keep my extra-curricular activities down to things that I have already paid for or ain’t going to be spending money on – this is my goal for July. Gym, watching tv and being outdoors is the key. This adds very nicely in with my goal of eating less and being slimmer.