Weekend of chill

Friday night I went shopping with Da K-bird and then home for delicious chicken fajita’s made by my sister. Awesomeness. Utterly delicious and I managed to have only one (Diet WIN) but packed it so full of chicken, sour cream, guac, cheese and lettuce that I was utterly stuffed after it (Diet FAIL)

Saturday was a brief appointment to see a minging flat in Stokes Croft with Liz (yeah, scary neighbourhood, two doors down from a huge massage parlour, properly minging flat), luckily she’s found a very cool tower apartment and all she needs is a really long hair piece to be Rapunzel. We then went for a little light shopping – I found nothing – and Liz found loads of awesome stuff. And then a little light sushi and we headed home.

I then went for some long overdue beautifying treatments and a massage (such a bargain £18 for 30 mins) and went home via Sainsbury where I collected supplies for a fajita salad and then I went home and watched 4 hours of US crime dramas and 4 hours of Supernatural. Which is the end of it. Well, end of Season 5 and I can’t see where else they can go from there. Devastated. Luckily Simon arrived home as I was finishing up on it and consoled me.

Sunday was awesomely chilled. We awoke late, had a delicious breakfast and then Simon headed for work, I went back to Sainsbo to buy all the things I’d forgotten on Saturday and then I briefly considered a run but decided it was way too hot and headed home to sit on the sofa with all the windows forced open as far as they would go. Kirsten came round to share her hangover and weekend update and we had a little curry and that was it. Very chilled.