Diet fail

I didn’t even eat that much this weekend and I am back to 12’2. It’s too hot to eat in any case.


This is just irritating. I’m struggling to force myself to exercise much beyond my usual cycles to and from work and am averaging twice a week at the gym. Which ain’t too bad really given that it’s so hot but the goal is to do 5 or 6 hours of exercise a week and so far the cycles give me 3 hours and 30 mins.

I need something. I shall start my proper gym program tomorrow as I feel that I’ve been enough times that my muscles are used to working again and I should be able to walk after the first session. Or I shall go to body pump tomorrow morning, it’s at 7:15 so I wouldn’t expect it to be too busy.

God I hate this but I hate being overweight more.

I really need some new clothes as well. I appear to have lots of lovely dresses which are not suitable to work and loads of jeans but it’s just too hot to wear jeans in the office where it regularly reaches 31C. Who knows what I should wear? At least I don’t see clients so it doesn’t need to be smart.