Mid summers day!

Middle of the year. Longest day. We should be dancing around a stone circle, sky-clad tonight.

Pagan rubbish. I’m not going poncing around naked for anything. I’m going out for dinner with Simon and one his lovely friends and then home for an early night in bed. I can’t be bothered to drink either so it should be nice and cheap. I am really looking forwards to the food tho, it’s a good restaurant and is usually pretty well done. I really fancy MEAT too so might have a steak. Who knows at this early stage tho. I’d settle for pizza.

I really enjoyed the camping this weekend but would have been happier if I’d remembered to pack more warm clothes. It was gloriously warm during the day but the temp really dropped later at night and I was freezing. Awesomely lovely place near Ilfracombe, basically a few pitches set along a terraced hill. Glorious view from the tent. We had dinner in the pub on saturday night and then cooked up an awesome breakfast on sunday morning over the barbecue. I want to go camping lots now but poor Simon has bookings every weekend until the end of Sept 😦 

There is a half naked man on the room opposite our office. Actually there are two of them. How interesting.