Other than the dreaded C word, this weekend is all about Simon’s birthday which falls on the sunday. I have a small collection of presents for him (mostly all breakable as well, not ideal to have in a tent but still) and a silly birthday card.

Tonight we’re heading to his father’s for dinner and football. I am taking a book, a magazine and will buy some bubble bath in case I get really bored but I think we are planning on eating first and then the boys are going to bond over the football, whilst drinking beer. I am going to stick to some nice wine.

I shall continue to mainline hayfever tablets all weekend tho. Comparing notes with a colleague this morning, we both noted that we thought we’d cracked it this year up until about 3 days ago where the Really Bad Shit began. Itchy eyes, headaches, blocked noses, itchy mouths and general zombie type symptoms began. Bugger. Plus side, Simon’s dad lives almost on the seafront and the salty air usually sorts out my symptoms.