Definitely an obsession

with cake. Looking back, all I can see is cake. oh dear. I can definitely state that I have eaten things other than cake this weekend.

Mainly the fabulous tandoori salmon, cucumber & mango chutney and cumin flatbreads that I made. Also the rather delicious meal we had at Jamie’s Italian on Sunday. I also managed 2 hours of swimming and steaming at the Bath Thermae Spa. Which, for £24 was a lovely afternoon activity and I’d be really keen to go back one evening for some roof-top swimming.

Yeah. Pretty awesome place. Lovely views.

Rather pleasingly, I have still managed to lose weight over this weekend and am now down to a more normal weight. Only 20lbs to go. I’m going to look at the Fitness First this evening to see about a membership there. If it is less than £40 a month then I am going to sign up and go for it. I used to enjoy the gym a lot and am really looking forwards to it again. The cycling to work is good exercise but I need to do more and sort out my diet. So, new lunch time rituals, cutting down on the random chocolates at work and basically upping the fruit and veg to more more more! I am happy to do it slowly as I enjoy food so much that a drastic weight loss routine just seems silly and crazy.

I don’t think it’s going to be that difficult really. The trick is to not let myself get too hungry. So the plan is
8am breakfast
11:30 -12 noon – snack
1pm – lunch
4pm – snack
8pm – dinner