I need more fans. The whily things rather than the adoring type. Even tho a few of those would be good. I would really like one of those very cool Dyson ones. I imagine that they are silent enough that they wouldn’t bother one when trying to sleep.

I need more sleep. It was definitely too hot last night. I actually feel a bit sick due to lack of sleep and general over-heatingness. I need to potter tonight and generally be very chilled out. I have lots to sort out in the house, furniture to put together, things to organise, laundry to do and kitchen stuff to sort out. Plus I’d like to force myself out for a run. I am fat. It is shit.

So. List.

Take top back to New Look
Visit Sainsbury for loo roll, rocket, balsamic, breakfast things and anything else salady.
Cycle home
have dinner (left over chicken plus potato salad & other salad)
make lunch for tomorrow.
do laundry
put away laundry
Go for run
hang out laundry.

Tomorrow – put things together

In reality, I shall collapse on the sofa after getting in.