Lovely dinner

We started with Simon’s suggestion of mixed fruit yoghurt cake (really easy, so yummy) home cooked ham, roasted tatos and a salad of roasted butternut, roasted beetroot, feta and leaves. mmmm

Banner advertising

I can’t find the right kind of diagram or infographic so I am stuck making one. Feh. Boring. And more difficult that I could have imagined. There are a lot of facets to banner advertising. Right then. This weekend Friday night – Spring Gardens for York’s gig. Saturday – chilling and hopefully some time alone to…

So Dell have released something called a Streak which is like an iPad. Obviously, they havne’t updated the Dell website as it’s not on there. Feh.

Not a total FAIL

Take top back to New LookVisit Sainsbury for loo roll, rocket, balsamic, breakfast things and anything else salady. Cycle homehave dinner (left over chicken plus potato salad & other salad)make lunch for tomorrow. do laundryput away laundryGo for runhang out laundry. Tonight I shall do the above and then put together the new bedside tables I…


I need more fans. The whily things rather than the adoring type. Even tho a few of those would be good. I would really like one of those very cool Dyson ones. I imagine that they are silent enough that they wouldn’t bother one when trying to sleep. I need more sleep. It was definitely too hot…

Wedding weekend

I went to SteveA’s wedding this weekend. Borrowed the Yellow Peril from my lovely mother and drove all the way over to Rhos y Gilwen to see the smartest looking Steve I’ve ever seen wed the lovely Imogen. It was a very happy making experience and I definitely enjoyed the bit where all her daughters…


Satisfying sound that. WANG. usage:- I shall wang that in your direction, wang us some dosh, he has a huge wang. I read this bit of wisdom earlier.”Don’t fart in lifts. Unless you’re pretty sure someone is about to get in. Waste otherwise, innit?” Well. Yes.

Some pics :)

Awesome. Seattle Pics Mount St Helens. Oh. We didn’t get very far up the mountain! Redwoods in California. With car for scale Napa San Francisco Sunny Alcatraz Sea Otters Monterey Aquarium Big Sur 

Home again

I am relieved to be home. But I really wanted to stay. It was just a brilliant holiday. I can’t remember having such a great one with such a great travelling companion. Helpfully I can’t concentrate at work at all today but luckily it’s all nice and quiet. I am taking melatonin to help with the jetlag…