3.5 hours of work left

And then I’m off for HOLIDAYS!!

Tonight – drinking in Bristol with the gang.
Tomorrow – finish packing and getting stuff ready. Go to Cardiff for LOST PROPHETS. I have been listening to them a lot over this last week so that I know all the albums and stuff. They had better bloody play Last Train Home tho.
Sunday – flight is at 13:15 so we’re leaving Bristol at 8:30 to aim to be at Mum’s at 10:30 and then she is going to drive us to the airport. 

Sunday – get to Seattle about 8ish on sunday evening and then we have until Wed in Seattle and we start driving down the coast towards LA.

Things to do before we go

– update music on iphone
– send Martin all his final bills
– insure bike
– paint toenails
– dye hair non ridiculous colour. Last nights colour did not work at all. I have purple roots and normal red hair.
– take Liz to Majestic and food shopping
– finish packing.
– book hire car
– organise handbag to take (which one and what to carry about) WHY CAN’T I FIND MY GREY ANIMAL ONE?