Not sure I can be bothered to update LJ at the moment. I might take a break.

This was delicious and here is how to make it I totally recommend it.  

In other news

  • I still love my new bike and have cycled to work every day this week. My legs ache slightly now.
  • I feel like I have lost weight but the scales say nothing.
  • I am starving and about to have left over chicken for elevenses.
  • Liz arrives in Bristol tomorrow. No more poncing around the flat in my underwear. No more poncing around the flat for Simon in his underwear.
  • We go on holiday in 9 days. I haven’t even considered what to take. We have no car hire booked. We have considered bands to see in the US tho.
  • I’m procrastinating with work.
  • I’ve got hayfever today. Itchy eyeballs. OUCH OUCH OUC