Carboot sale was a success in the money stakes – made about £50 after burgers and entrance fees. Kirsten was an absolute angel and also rather happily found a new very sexy lamp for the bargain price of £3.

Unfortunately we both got massively sunburnt. On one side only. It still hurts 2 days on but is slowly going brown now. I look like I have drivers arm and a very square neckline. I’m going to have to have some sunbeds to even it out I think. I am an idiot. Still, sunburn in April in the UK. It’s a winner.

Sunday was very pleasant, I had an excellent chat with Si’s bro -in-law about helping him with some webstuff and then went for pizza with my lovely mother. The remains of which I still have to eat at lunch today. Yum.

Tonight I shall be visiting with Simon and hopefully eating dinner in the garden and trying not to fret about volcanic ash clouds ruining our holiday 😦