4 thoughts on “FACE

  1. bio-oil… every night…to be used sparingly… keeps the flakyness away for me
    water based moisturisers are a waste…water does fek all for your skin…its the biggest con ever… your body needs water sure but it’s to convert into the oils in the glands on your skin and nutrients in the blood stream that moisturise your skin.
    so an oil based product will be provide more benefits… i think england’s very dry at the moment too… my hands are all flaky and dry from the weather.
    plus i think over-using creams teaches your body to produce less of it’s own oils/moisturisers…the less you use the better i think.

    • I have been using oil to cleanse as well and I am still DRY. But very good points.
      This is good advice Kevster. You are clever.
      And you are totally right about the overusing creams.

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