I want to go out for a lunch break but I don’t want to spend any money. Tomorrow is pay day and I can have things then. I really should not be hungry after a sausage roll, a load of melon and a bagel with boursin. mmm boursin. I love it so. I have also taken to having protein shakes with frozen fruit in them in the mornings which really helps with the staving off hunger until lunch time thing plus seems to be good for the losing weight thing.

I really have to get my carb habit under control tho. It’s a bit ludicrous that I want carbs with everything, perhaps another bout of low carb eating might help.

Weekend was good but hectic and I am really tired today. I would like some more sleep even tho I was in bed by 10:30 and given I appear to have 3 pages read in my book, asleep by 10:40. Tonight Martin arrives and we’re going to go for a drink and dinner but my planning mojo has totally disappeared and I have no idea of what to do, where to go or even the impetus to tell people what to do. I fancy thai food tho or maybe pizza.

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    • Good thing the best takeaway curry is 2 mins walk down the road.
      Plus the nicest indian restaurant around is also around the corner. You will not suffer with lack of curry.
      We went to Las Iguanas which was awesome – it’s mexican & brazilian.

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