Last day

Today I leave the BBC after almost 4 months of a contract. I can safely say that this was not a contract that particularly stretched me in any ways (other than in patience) but it has been thoroughly enjoyable and the people have been completely lovely. In fact there have only been a few people who have been difficult to work with which makes it a rather blissful experience. I just wish I had been busier and that I had bitten the bullet and bought a car in January. I probably would have stayed then.

Still, I am really looking forwards to starting my new job. The people seem lovely, the work should be pretty interesting, technical but also creative and generally quite cool. The location is fabulous and I am so looking forwards to working in the centre of town again. I shall be able to shop, mooch and do lunch. I am also going to look into joining a gym. I miss going to one and really like the idea of one near work so that I can go straight from work and swim and still be home by 7.