Lovely weekend

Martin came to visit and we had a lovely time. Well I did. We made him the most amazing dinner on friday night, which while quite small, was utterly intense and delicious in flavouring. It was quite a faff tho so I wouldn’t do it as individual stacks again. Ours did not look like this as they all slid apart and we ended up making one cake.

On saturday we mooched around, Martin kindly helped me organise some stuff and then Kirsten came over for tea & lunch and we organised more stuff. I now have a massive pile of stuff that is going to be carbooted at the earliest opportunity. I need to do a clothes sort out but that should take up tomorrow evening and then I’m good to go.

Saturday night we went down to the Bocabar as I had heard good things about their pizza. And the good things were right. They were fabulous pizzas. We then ended up going into town and drinking more at Start the Bus. Sunday I was mostly hungover and ended up slumped on Kirsten’s sofa feeling sorry for myself while Martin did boystuff with my bike and Kirsten baked. Simon collected me later and we holed up on the sofa and ate macaroni cheese and watched movies.

The diet starts today. I have maintained my weight for absolutely ages and now the sheer boredom of this mindnumbing job has made me eat too much. I shall be slimmer.