Let the weekend commence.

I had a second interview this morning. I still want the job but not as much as I’d like to win the lottery. We did discuss money, benefits and notice period so I think it’s all very positive. Nice people, all very excited about working with a woman. Internet companies are funny places.

Still, a good job is not to be sniffed at as it enables fun and frolics and new clothes.

Weekend holds fixing up the bike given to me by a bloke at work, dropping some fliers for the exhibition off at a bunch of venues and getting stuff ready. I’m also going to sort out some clothes and visit a friend with a washing machine. I need some underbed boxes but I think they’ll have to wait until next month.

Yay. Tonight is a vegetarian extravaganza for Martin tho. He resumes his trips out to the mild wild west. Yay!

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