Sleep. Feh.

I fell asleep on the train today, I am almost asleep at my desk and I went to bed early last night. Feh. Need sleeeeeeeep. I still have The Headache as well now. Stupid stupid. I reckon it’s the commuting. As much as I love the BBC, I will be happy to not work in Cardiff any longer. In light of that, I have a 2nd interview for a job in Central Bristol on Friday morning.

I really liked the place and the sound of the job. And he was quite adamant about it being a 9-5:30 role, he doesn’t like people doing overtime and he doesn’t like people being late. A man of strong opinions. Which sounds good. Also, a very varied role doing lots of the things I like – some IA, some UX, lots of project management, some team management, some people management and lots of educating people who don’t know what they’re doing. Fingers crossed.

Plus side, someone at work has given me a bike so Martin & I are going to fix it up this weekend