Work. I did it

A whole day but my head is now splitting. Still, at least I won’t be broke in march.

The proofs for the exhibition arrived today. It all feels real now and I am getting both excited and nervous. I hope I manage to organise it properly. I’m glad Simon is helping cos at least he has event management experience. I think we will have enough exhibitors to do a good showing. 12 photographers plus one painter so far which is awesome. More photographers will be signin up hopefully but the biggest issue at the moment is getting enough visitors.

So, plan of attack
Write to all the papers in Bristol
Write to Venue magazine
Write to Suit Yourself magazine
Put some flyers in good venues
Finish off the website gallery

Other things to do
Cut my hair
Buy some bloody jeans. Maybe visit the Gap store next time we go to Swindon
Get the bike sorted. Bloody Halfords can’t put abike together properly. 1 week and the back brake keeps getting stuck on, it falls out of gear and the front bbasket is warped already. Feh

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