Still have enormo headache and am very diiizzzzzzzzzzzzy. Could not face work again today 😦 but still had a lovely evening with Danielle last night and Naomi as well. We had a lovely evening, eating take away curry and drinking, water.

Today I am mostly doing laundry, going to tidy up in slow stages and may attempt a walk later as the sun is shining and I really need to get some fresh air in me. I had better be better tomorrow as I am sick of this. 

I also have an interview for a job here in Bristol next week. I am rather thrilled, it’s a nice sounding company and the role sounds just up my street. It’s also a short commute, a really nice location and a decent salary. Winner. As much as I love working at the BBC, there just isn’t enough to do and I don’t think my contract will be extended, which is all a big pity. Plus the commute is absolutely killing me.