I am so perky and I want to cycle and do stuff and it won’t stop bloody raining!

I have nice things planned for the next few days, I am pleased.
Tonight – an evening with my lover watching comedy – Jo Caulfield at the Tabacco Factory – which is somewhere I haven’t been and keep wanting to go.
Tomorrow- one of my loveliest friends is coming from London for the weekend and hopefully the Chef will be cooking us dinner (I shall be sous chef)  and if they still have those duck’s on special in Sainsbo’s that may be nice.
Saturday – lovely friend & I shall be trotting around Bristol and then going to watch another friend play in a band on saturday night
Sunday – not sure yet what we shall do but Naomi is around and I think a roast dinner may be in order.
Monday – Derek is coming up from Brighton for an interview on Tuesday and will be staying with me so I can catch up on even MORE gossip.
Tuesday – I’m going to Gareth’s place for dinner & more gossip.
Wednesday I shall be collapsing.