Timesheets done

Christ. What a mission. All 4 sets are done now tho and there are no impediments to being paid in 10 days time. Whew.

I have currently eaten
7am – hot cross bus
9:30am – 2nd hot cross bun
10am – 2 babybels
11am – M&S Count on Us salt & vinegar crisps. I don’t usually like crisps and accidentally bought these low fat ones and they are FOUL. Must not purchase again
12noon- M&S banoffee dessert (yeah yeah, but it has bananas in it)

I am planning
1pm ish – beef cannelloni ready meal.
2pm ish – melon & grapes from the canteen
7:30pmish – spaghetti vongole or spaghetti with chilli tomato stuff, with salad and soya beans and sweetcorn(maybe)

There may be more. I am ridiculously hungry at the moment.