Slow day

Well not that slow actually, it was raining really. I still cycled to work and feel much better for it. It was much muddier than I expected tho and my legs are quite muddy. I think I shall have to wear cycling clothes in the future and then change when I get to work. It took me about 25 mins to do 3.4 miles. Which is quite rubbish given I was doing the 5 miles to Razorfish from Kilburn in 21 mins, still, I haven’t done much exercise since November when I was intermittently cycling to E3. A couple of runs and some badminton don’t really count. I think I shall feel much better when it’s a regular part of my routine again, it was really painless and quite flat, plus along a really pretty river, Cardiff Castle and some pretty fields called Pontcanna.

It was also REALLY nice not having to worry about the bus this morning as I just never know when they are going to turn up or not and it only took me 10 mins to get to the station. I was early for the train so had a cup of tea. Small things.