My free hair cut turned out to be rather good and I now look smooth and sleek and not like a shaggy pony. It did take 2 hours tho and the girl was very nervous 🙂 Posted via

Let the weekend commence.

I had a second interview this morning. I still want the job but not as much as I’d like to win the lottery. We did discuss money, benefits and notice period so I think it’s all very positive. Nice people, all very excited about working with a woman. Internet companies are funny places. Still, a…

To Do list

Not that I have much to do but I do need to do some things and a list is good to cross things off. – hoover the flat / finish carpet cleaning – call the washing machine repair people AGAIN – I am at the stage of emergency pants now. We really don’t want to…

Sleep. Feh.

I fell asleep on the train today, I am almost asleep at my desk and I went to bed early last night. Feh. Need sleeeeeeeep. I still have The Headache as well now. Stupid stupid. I reckon it’s the commuting. As much as I love the BBC, I will be happy to not work in…


That went well. 2nd interview on Friday morning. Really nice bloke who would be my boss and great location. Fingers crossed. Really interesting sounding work too, lots of scope for a very varied job too. Now I want to lie on the sofa and watch tv. My head still aches. Cauliflower cheese, prawns and something…


Maybe I do like it when I make it like this feta, pomegranate, veg stock, lemon juice, lemon zest, coriander, roasted butternut, roasted green peppers. mmmm.

Working from home

I am going to work from home tomorrow. I am so excited about not getting the train to work that I may just cry. I have nice work to do as well, developing some wireframes for a site that is just ancient and dreadful.