That was stuff, passing me by. I am so very tired, and have a sore throat and am generally not impressed. I’m also pretty sick of walking off the train in Cardiff and immediately starting to shiver, I don’t understand, the weather report says it is no colder than Bristol but what was fine in Bristol means that it is COLD here. Alternatively I am utterly lame.

I quite like the new Paloma Faith album. Lostprophets gig has been moved to May. Not quite sure about the new Vampire Weekend and am about to try the new Lostprophets properly.

I need some exercise. It will have to be a run on saturday morning tho as I am busy tonight and busy tomorrow night. I did make breakfast muffins last night tho, which are excellent. A different version to the feta & rosemary ones, I made tomato and gruyere ones. I think they needed some sundried tomatoes too tho. I think the next version shall be pumpkin and feta.

I do not want an iPad. I would like to be able to drink coffee tho as a Flat White sounds very nice indeed.

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