I am so bored. I just can’t understand why they are keeping me here. I am beginning to wonder if I should look for something else, I mean, I’m spending 4 hours a day travelling to here and I have maybe a couple of hours actual work to do every day. I can feel my brain slowly decaying and I just couldn’t face work yesterday at all – full on case of the mopes.

I haven’t delivered anything (unless you count a couple of spreadsheets) and one of my colleagues is talking about extending my contract. They are a great company to work for, and it is a brilliant opportunity but I just can’t understand what they want from me.

It seems silly to be moaning about work when at least I have a job in these difficult times but meh. I shall carry on looking around I think.

2 thoughts on “Work

  1. perhaps you should be a bit more pro-active… you should give it a chance, you haven’t been there very long, i think u r giving up too soon. isn’t there something awesome you could do and make them just love you and fawn all over you? you should only move when they want you to stay and couldn’t possibly manage without you!
    otherwise can I have your job? mines making me wek! wek ha’rd (debben accent) which sucks

    • You are right. I should give it more of a chance and I am being proactive, I am offering to do pretty much everything that comes into our team. Luckily they already love me and have already asked me to stay. Which is nice.
      We could swap for a couple weeks?

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