25 reasons

I have just read this regarding it being the bottom of the depression and things will only get better from now on. Hmm. Unfortunately I can’t really think of any one topic to write 25 reasons about so I thought I’d just write 25(now 11 due to time constraints) reasons down.

25 11 Reasons For Stuff

  1. iPhone – this is mainly a big reason for happiness but does cause me a certain amount of fretfulness as it always looks like it is running out of battery. It is also mood aware and currently is playing me depressing shit. Which is not helping. Down with that sort of thing. I would like a fast forward button on it tho, I miss that, it was so right on my little Shuffle.
  2. Chicken mole. Chicken & hot, bitter chocolate sauce. How can you go wrong? It sounds amazing, I have my Green & Blacks cookbook back and I am generally in the mood for trying it. Side dishes could be an issue tho and I’m not sure what to cook with it. I like the idea of a starter of watercress, mango and softcheese, but accompaniments are a problem. Maybe some kind of yam or squash.
  3. Lipgloss/lipbalm. I am addicted. It’s true. I have 28. But I think there are some I haven’t counted. They are all different colours and all different tastes and shades. I am increasingly drawn back to wearing lipstick but manage to apply it before I leave the house and then don’t remember at any other time of the day. Wearing lipstick makes me more intimidating too, or at least I am intimidated when I look at myself in the mirror.
  4. Cake. Always good (except when it’s really bad) and usually a good pick up. Anything except Coffee & Walnut cake is wonderful, anything with coffee in it may reduce me to tears. I’m not overly convinced about nuts either but can see that sometimes they may be a good thing. I’m going to make some red velvet cupcakes for the weekend and may make some cake for the boys at work. Tomorrow is Cake Wheel day too which is always exciting.
  5. Holidays. Can’t go wrong. What is not to love about them? No work, somewhere foreign, something interesting to see or do no matter where you are AND did I mention the no work thing? There is one in the pipeline at the moment (due to tax refund) and I am very very excited about it.
  6. Tea. A nice cup of tea and a sit down. Cure for pretty much everything. I almost cried yesterday morning when there was no milk in the house. Dreadful state of affairs.
  7. Being foreign. You get to appreciate the British things that everyone else moans about. Having a country with a reliable infrastructure and a transport network is a thing of amazement and cab drivers who can talk philosophy and are well read. Gosh! Unfortunately, I think us foreigns whinge about the weather more.
  8. Music. Soundtrack my life is fun.
  9. KFC – a once a year treat. Only to be used in case of extreme hangover. Do not overuse as it may lead to fatness, greasyness and the predilection for wearing hair in very tight ponytails.
  10. Cheese. This is good. Pretty much all sorts. Never met one I didn’t really like but some are better than others. Can’t go wrong with a nice Gorgonzola, or even a lovely ripe Brie. Or Camembert. Also, exceptionally good for cheese jokes and in case of peckishness. I had some lovely goats cheese in my lunch time salad today.
  11. Dieting. This is rubbish. I don’t do it any more but given my over eating from such extreme boredom, I may have to start. Alternatively I shall have to start running at lunch times to combat the fatness. But it’s too cold to run really. Or at least, too cold in Wales.

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