People who comment on your lunch. Every day. And then tell you how you ‘should’ have made it.

People who have to join in with every conversation going. Even if it has nothing to do with them. And then to try and take over the conversation and make it all about them. They always have one better. So like the bloke at work, we were talking about famous people we have spotted over the years and he has to go one better ‘oh, we have Martin Clunes(!) round for dinner all the time’. This turns out to be complete wank. Bloke-at-work’s wife works as a housematron in a posh private school, Mr Clunes is one of the parents and always comes to their end of team dinners. Oh and Bloke-at-work says the little girl has inherited Mr Clunes’s ears and this makes her look very unfortunate. Such a case of Pot-Kettle-Black as I have ever seen. he’s harmless, and not malicious but man, social awareness is not his forte.

2.5 more days and he finishes and then I’m stealing his monitor and I shall have 2 monitors. Woo.

This looks exciting to make – egg, bacon and sage flatbread