must stop headbanging at work.

People keep looking at me funny. It’s a good way to keep warm tho. Brrrrrrr, apparently they are going to come round and seal up all the windows with silicon gel because they all leak in some kind of major way. (I know, I have already duct taped mine shut). it is much warmer than last week tho, which was properly freezing (well, really, it was sub sero and the snow didn’t melt until 4 days later)

This week I am trying to have a minimal spend week. I’m doing pretty well.
£1.37 on a hot choc at work on Monday.
£4.38 on lunch stuff.
£7 on badminton tonight.

I have lunches planned to bring in for the rest of the week. Friday night, Stuart is cooking (!!!) and saturday night we’re going to a party so it’s only Sat lunch that we’re out for. I WILL not have hot choc from the cafe any more this week, I don’t need it and it’s expensive. I will try and have no spend days for the next 3 days. Go me.