Friday friday friday

I have brought half a cake in to work today, the other 1/4 is still at home and the rest of was eaten last night by me and the SiChef. It was an swedish apple cake. Very nice indeed. The boyz will be pleased.

I also stayed in bed for much longer this morning than usual and then (bad Charlie) drove to work, which was awesome because there was no traffic and I still wasn’t late. Even tho usually I am early and leave early. Still, there shouldn’t be any more snow so back to the trains for me next week, which I am strangely looking forwards too, I have Slash’s autobiography to read.

I have also rediscovered and have been listening to LOADS of stuff – and thoroughly enjoying it.

I also managed to cause complete controversy on Facebook yesterday and had about 25 comments during the hour I took for lunch yesterday. It had everything you could possibly ask for from Facebook: vitriol, outrage, bum sex, underwear, boob checking, awareness campaigns.

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