4 for Christmas

The Kevster, Simon(Oh Lord & Master of the Roast Potato) and The Grand Stu and ME!

Marvellous. Must find a table but will investigate borrowing one from work. Si is also borrowing a projector so we can watch big movies. Obviously we will never be able to decide on one that appeals to all of us.

Canapes & snacks when we arrive back from London – smoked salmon blinis, feta & spinach filo parcels and red pesto cheese straws.

Main event at 6ish.

posh prawn cocktail

Main Course
Stu has requested 2 meats and will be doing beef at his and bringing with him
We shall do duck.
roast taters
parsnip dauphinoise
tenderstem brocoli
green beans.

still be decided on

Cheese & pate for late night snacking

This is going to be awesome!

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