So tired

and I can’t get the washing machine to work. Landlord plumbed it all in and didn’t remove the transportation bolts, so I pulled it out and wrestled those out and it turns on and all but just doesn’t do anything, just sits there humming. *shrug*

who knows?

Work was fine, I was tired and slowly absorbing things. My boss is leaving in 7 working days and they have no replacement for her, they don’t want me to work from the 18th to the 4th as they want to add days to the end of my contract to hand over to the perm person, and everyone is very very nice. So. Cool.

2 thoughts on “So tired

  1. Had you turned it on before realising the bolts were still in? We were told that if you do that it completely destroys the washing machine… Oucherama.

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