I really do have a ridiculous amount of books

I am at 3 bookshelves and I still have 3 boxes left to unpack. I think I’ll get one onto the 3rd bookshelf and then I am out of space. However, having reviewed the 2 bookcases that are in the lounge, I really do think that I could get rid of some. There is some definite crap there.

My flat is now full of boxes. I have no where to take them for the meantime and my lucky mother will have to help me take them to the tip tomorrow. I have been tidying frantically for her visit today but there is still loads of stuff that needs to be dealt with and I’m not quite sure what I’ll be able to do with it unless I sort out some kind of storage option. Not quite sure what tho.

Pictures need to be put up too which will make it look really homely.

I need –
table & chairs
washing machine
storage for spare bedroom
desk for spare room