Moving – an exercise in stress

I have not packed at all yet. I have 3 empty boxes, a crate and some plastic laundry sacks to pack into. I did see loads and loads of boxes outside someones house that they had put out for recycling and I was going to take them but they were all soggy 😦 I shall collect more from outside Ikea on friday night – there is the box box in the carpark.

I have kitchen stuff (not that much really, food and some bits) to pack, bathroom stuff (again, not that much), clothes, bed stuff clothes, shoes, books. Everything else is packed but some of the boxes in the garage need re-packing.

Feh. I am properly stressed now.

Tomorrow I am going to Naomi’s for dinner.
Thursday I shall pack a bit in the evening.
Friday I shall go to Ikea for a mattress and finish packing.

Thursday I must go to the bank at lunch and withdraw money
Friday I go pick up the keys at lunchtime
Saturday I move – rough plan is to
10ish – get house organised and finish packing
11ish – await van
12ish – make first trip with big things & garage stuff – sofa, bookcases, sofabed,
13ish – back for lunch @ Clares
14ish – pack up van for second trip
16ish – unpack & get sorted in new place

Insult to injury, my current employers might not extend my contract after the end of this week even tho we had verbally agreed it was end of Dec that they wanted me until. I’m not sure they have budget for me. Feh. But good because someone there is winding me up something chronic and its making me act like a spoilt child. Still, I have other potential irons in the fire so it may not be a bad thing.

Sigh. Tired and stressed. I hate this. Over soon.