This novel writing business is rubbish.

I have written 4,787 words and hate most of them. In fact, I feel like it’s almost like pulling teeth. Strangely I have no affection for my story at all and am actively disliking the characters and the place they are set in. Strangely I just had a wander around the Waterstones of the Costa I’m currently writing in, and I am totally unenthused by any of the books for sale. (Other than an Australian Woman’s Weekly cookbook on Pies and Pastries)Which is very rare.

I am also very irritated by the people who have moved loads of chairs to sit in the table behind me and are now dribbling along in the most irritating fashion after bashing my chair around, stepping on my stuff and generally being irritating. Feh. And now they’re going on about not liking New York much – too many people and too many shops. ‘Bloomingdales is twice the size of Dingles’ well durrrrrr.

I realise that I’ve got that little bit too much going on in my life at the moment to be totally creative but actually I am totally drained and do not feel like carrying on at all. I may give it a few more days but that’s it really. I’m not sure I want to carry on, my head aches and I’m more enthusiastic about painting Kirsten’s van and putting up all my pictures in my new flat. I have so many lovely pictures that I can’t wait to see again. And Kev wants me to take the Pimp-o-BeanBag back too so at least I shall have a sofa and a beanbag to sit on. EBay had better have some cheap sofas 🙂

Running out of battery now.

2 thoughts on “This novel writing business is rubbish.

  1. Creativity can not be forced, it can be disciplined but not forced. I go through stages where I have not picked up the camera because I can;t see the photos. Leave it, write a novel when the novel wants to come out.

  2. Based on the last 2 weeks’ novelwriting efforts of mine, I thoroughly disagree about putting it down and waiting for the creativity to start. My evidence is what I’ve done in the last couple of days – having written the first 800 words or so in an airport I suddenly found I was stumped as to where to take my story idea next, and that’s where it stayed (other than in the form of plot charting doodles on my whiteboard) until Friday night.
    Under Kat’s insistence I forced myself into writing a scene from later in the book which I sort of knew had to happen but was a way off from where the action presently was, so that was about another 500 words. Then I went to bed.
    On Saturday I woke up and a bunch of ideas came to me about how I could get from the first lot of stuff through to the stuff I’d written last night (previously, it was all “stuff happens in here”), and also decided there was a better way to do the 500 I’d written the previous night, as well. The good news is: you still include the original 500 in your wordcount.
    I guess what I was thinking was that, under the “10,000 hour law of expertise”, deliberating over what you’re going to write about for 10,000 hours doesn’t make you an expert novelist – it makes you an expert deliberator. I reckon if you’ve done 4800 words and hate all of them, then draw a line and write 200 words that you like. You’re still up to 5000 words!

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