Just asked my boss if I could leave a little earlier and he came over and said that given the amount of hours I’ve been putting in, he wasn’t bothered at all. Ha. So obviously I am fufilling over & above what they expect from a contractor. Woo.

Am going to have another look at the flat I’m hoping to take in about 15 mins and if I’m still utterly convinced then I am going to hand over a holding deposit and my tenancy check forms and get the process moving. I am excited. It is a lovely lovely flat. My lovely friend Kirsten lives around the corner and is coming for a second opinion too. It’ll be nice to live near everyone( 20 mins cycle to my lovely boyfriend, 5 mins to Kirsten and Naomi) and more importantly near the station and town! It’s also 5 mins walk from a huge Sainsbury and we can even walk to cinemas and other shops.

And very importantly, it has a second bedroom which while it’s not huge, will allow me to have an office and a rooom for guests. And having guests is very important.