YAY, my bike was not nicked

It is still there, the wheels are still pumped up and so I can get home from work. YAY. Bit soggy tho.

Back to work report:-
115 unread emails.
1 post it note on my desk.
0 panicked account managers
0 emails demanding stuff immediately
1 email from client saying they’d missed me
4 emails with pictures of men with moustaches

I’m impressed! I’ve also had a cheese & tomato toastie, 1 cup of tea and coughed a lot. I’m seriously going to be annoying people with this dreadful cough but on the plus side, I can breathe properly again. I did sleep like a baby last night after Si fed me NightNurse tho. mmmm lovely night nurse.

Suitcase still missing. Online tracker suggests its with the courier but that was last night.