Hello wine headache. I am exhausted after waking up lots in the night sneezing like some kind of crazed sneezing thing. I have also discovered that if I get the bus into town and then trot down to Temple Meads (10 mins walk) and then get another bus, it’s not such a bad route to work.

I was due to have an interview this evening but luckily the bloke interviewing me is off sick and has cancelled. Thank god, I am so not in the mood.

I was told this morning that my mental ex-boss has decided that I’m trying to poach her staff. Which seems so unbelievably weird and strange, especially given that 90% of her staff are ineffectual gimps with personality disorders and the 10% who are great, are planning on leaving on their own accord. Besides, why would I poach staff to somewhere where I’m not even a perm person? Anyway, I am annoyed that she’s roaming around the old office telling people this and spreading rumours but meh, what can I do? Idiot woman, I am very relieved to be out of there.

Almost the weekend. Hurry up!

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