Yay for friday

I’ve already done a conference call, send loads of stuff too loads of people and generally been very efficient. I am now tired and drinking tea. Plus I have a bit of a headache but that may be wine related.

I am going on holiday soooooooooooooooon! Yayness. We have chosen hotels (very nice) and are contemplating driving vs the bus between Seville and Granada as then we can stop at bodegas and sherry places. Not that I like sherry but given that Nana is funding this trip, it seems like a nice touch. Sweeeeet. It’s well cheap and cheaper than the train.

Weekend of chilling planned. Perhaps beer with Matt after work, sleep late saturday, got to go to the bank and then have to go buy a new pair of jeans, they fell down yesterday, oops. Then perhaps monkfish and movies on sunday!

One thought on “Yay for friday

  1. There’s a significant level of creepy in the whole ‘fish rhymed with days’ things.
    Nana funding sherry is apt but let’s face it, having one for the road is enough. No one under 50 can sit down to more than 1.
    She was partial to Bells in Durban if you need an escape.

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