I wish they were longer really.

Friday night I went for a swift drink with the guys from work and then wandered down to the station to collect the Stu-meister. We then went back to the house, had a glass of wine, primped and preened  (him more than me ) and then Clare, Stu and I headed for a turkish restaurant on the Gloucester rd called Ezo. I’ve eaten here before and the food is very nice but the service, by the solitary waitress (who is obviously part of the family who runs the place) is erratic and slightly bizarre. Of course, having Stu ask for champagne completely threw her. In fact, I suspect they had to wash the dust off the bottle before bringing it over. We then headed to the pub and up to another pub where we found a pretty cool funk band playing and Stu went off to bust some moves.

Saturday was a late brunch with Naomi and then a trot into town for some curling up in front of the fire at the fabulous Rummer Hotel and drinking tea, surveying purchases from the Amnesty bookshop.

Stu then departed for London and I collected my mother from the station. We went to check her into the hotel (having a boyfriend who arranges such fabulous things is wonderful) and then we went out for a cup of tea and a walk down Park street. We then headed back to the hotel to find that my boyfriend had topped himself in the fabulous department as he brought us a lovely bottle of Prosecco. Dinner was at a lovely fish restaurant in Clifton called Fishers where I had grilled turbot in mussel cream sauce on a bed of prawn risotto (plus some vegetables) and then I drove home and went to bed early. Sunday was another busy day – breakfast at the hotel, a trip to Portishead, booking Ma tickets to Australia for Xmas, a look around one of the flats at the flashy Harbourside development, a visit to the Georgian House, dinner at Zero Degrees with Si and then the properly awesome climax of the weekend – Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Who were awesome and made me feel slightly homesick. They were very funny and the singing was utterly beautiful.

Today however has not started particularly well. My bike handlebars are broken again (discovered halfway to work and made me late), I’ve spilt tea all over my desk and I definitely have a headache. But I did see a unicyclist cycling to work. I was trying to figure out how to acknowledge her but I figured that ‘Nice wheel’ wouldn’t quite cut it.