Where did the punctuation go?

I have noticed in the last few months that I have been getting, with alarming regularlity, from people who should know better, a lot of texts and emails missing basic things like full stops and commas. It seems to be escalating and I have no idea where this trend is coming from. It’s also confusing me beyond all belief because I just don’t understand somethings. However this is better than a text I got from Kev which went ‘ Case you ali ve? I’m not’ . Yeah I dunno either.

Other exciting things happening.

  • interview this afternoon at the place I’m working at the moment for a nice sounding perm job & a interview for a interesting sounding job next tuesday
  • we’re going to Spain for 5 days in November
  • I’m going to move house once I have either a contract extention or a perm job. Well, start looking around really
  • my mum is coming to visit on the weekend
  • Stu is coming to visit today
  • I have a weekend of chilling planned for next weekend first time in er, 8 weeks

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