Muslin, washing hands and just being friends

How have I never posted this email before? This is what internet dating can be like

> Hello
> I am markie age 30.i am so interested in you, I like your profile.
> How are you doing and is life good.what you up to??
> Can we become friends and exchange emails and get to know one another.
> I can send you my picture by email if you want to see more of me.
> I am single, none smoker, I have tattoes on both arms, I had
> them done when I was younger. I am slim, I weigh 11 stone, I
> have a slim body, I have dark short brown hair, 5f 10tall.I
> am a vegan, I don’t eat any kind of meat or dairy products. I
> Eat Soya stuff, and food with no meat or dairy products I
> will eat of drink.being an vegan,I am so clean and so pure
> inside and I feel so healthy.
> I buy Soya milk, it tastes like normal milk, plus I buy Soya
> cheese and Soya burgers, so there a lot of food you can buy
> without eating meat.
> I been a vegan since last year,there reasons I became a
> vegan,I hate the way the animals have to suffer and I don’t
> want to take part of it.
> People think,animals cant speak out,they haven’t got a
> brain,animals have feelings and they think like us,only thing
> they haven’t got is speech.
> The way they abuse animals,I don’t want to take part of
> eating how I feel,being an vegan is the best thing I
> ever done,since turning an muslin last year.
> My interests are,recording music on MTV,on to my mini disk
> hifi,so I don’t have to buy my music,I tape all the lastist hits.
> I like doing a lot of reading,I love travelling.i am a great cook.
> I am going back to college, start in may, doing a short
> pre-access nursing course it will get me ready for September
> when I do the full access in nursing, I want to be a nurse
> that my goal,might even go on to be an speech therapist. I be
> a mature student at 30,but I am so hungry for success and it
> not to late to best to be positive in life, life is
> short and I am making my future so good and getting into
> nursing will take 3 years, I don’t mind, it what I want to
> do, I am staying focus and aim so high, I will do so well.i
> am a very positivie person,very ambitious.
> I live on my own in a two bedroom flat; I have a lovely cosy
> flat, live near the city of Nottingham.
> I went to Egypt last year, I was there for one year, I love
> travelling, I was living in Cairo, I loved the place. when I
> was living in Cairo, I was staying in nasr city,I went to
> sharm el sheikh,a nice place,I went to Jordan and Saudi
> Arabia aswell.I have friends there.
> I love that part of the world,I converted my religion to be a
> muslin in cairo.people say,all muslins are bad,but I
> say,don’t judge one bad muslin with the rest,there are good
> and bad in everyone,I find muslin people I met are good
> respectable people,the nicer people you can ever meet,I hate
> people who people to quick to judge and people rushing in.
> I am reading the holy Koran and I was interester in islam,so
> when I went to cairo,I converted,it what I wanted to do.i
> believe in islam for at least a year or two,I do pray to
> allah,and being a muslin,I learnt to have more respect in life.
> I was born in Nottinghamshire,I am a white,but being a
> muslin,I wash every time I go to the toilet,I am very clean
> person,I pray five times a day,when I am at home,I do pray,I
> don’t go to any mosque not yet.i should do every friday,but
> when I was in cairo,there mosques on every street,sheik
> speaks out every 4 hours,so local people go and pray.
> I loved it when it was ramadam I was in cairo last October
> and November for ramamdam,when I fast for 30day,no food or
> water between 5am till 5pm.i don’t follow islam 100%,my life
> is so busy,I do believe in allah.
> I found out,travelling to different places and coming back to
> the uk,I find everyone take life for granted and people are
> to cold and no one talks or chat.
> I don’t know if you find that,tell me where you been in your
> life,anywhere nice and you want to tell me,I would love to
> know.i hope you will email me soon.
> I am a romantic person,I like loads of hugs and kisses,love
> putting candles round the bath and having a relaxing
> bath,love cosy nights in,having a love one to cuddle up to.
> I like romantic walks holding hands,I like all that kind of
> stuff in life.
> I have a lovely personality,so romantic and a good listener.
> My hobbies are taking photo"s with my digital camera,I like
> taking pictures when I am travelling.i like reading,that all
> I do when I am home.
> I hope we can be friends and you will tell me about you,what
> your plans in the future and what your interests and what
> music do you like,what kind of food do you you
> work,what do you do in your spare time.
> You can send me a email if you want,my email is,
> We can exchange emails and get to know one another and become
> very good friends.
> I was 30 on ,17th of I am aries,what star sign are you..
> I never chatted to anyone of the net,I thought I give it a go.
> I am a fun person,who like loads of fun,at the minute,I am
> studying at home,and getting ready for college.need some
> company and I hope you do be nice to have someone to
> exchange email with and get to know you more.
> I am doing my pre-access course in nursing on the 17th of
> may,it a short course,it get me ready for September for my
> main full access course in nursing,cant waite to do,it will
> take me 1one or two years then I want to go on to do an
> diploma in nursing or speech therapist,I have goals,I wont be
> happy till I got my access certificate and my diploma,it will
> take me within three or four years,I got nothing to lose,but
> so much to gain.
> I am so hungry for success,I will be successful.
> Right now,I haven’t got time for romance at the minute,would
> love it if we kept in touch as email friends,we can exchange
> emails and tell each other stuff on a day to day basic,get to
> know one another.
> I have to study and do well,least I told you what I am
> looking for,I had relationships,but they didn’t work out,so I
> haven’t found the right woman in my life,there no rush,I need
> to get educated and better myself then end up with the right
> woman,someone who can live with me and look after me and give
> me your love and be there,like I would be for you.
> It nice to meet you today,I hope you having a great day and
> you will email me,I will email you my picture,when I hear from you,
> You got my email address,keep in touch and tell me how you
> are keeping,look after yourself and take it easy.
> My email address is,
> I need to say,what am looking for right now,is just
> friendship.i am married but separated,been separated since
> 27th of February.I WILL NEVER GET MARRIED marriage
> didn’t work out and now in life,I am putting college first,I
> want to achive my goals,I am so confidence and very
> positive,that I am going to be qualified as anurse within
> four years.i don’t want no relationship with no woman,I want
> to stay single and just have friends,nothing else.i am not
> looking for anything serious,I swear to allah,I want to be
> successful and become anurse,I am putting college first than
> anything,it important to me to do well in life.
> I got married last year and I think me and my wife,wasn’t
> ready for marriage,we both rushed into things,I do care so
> much for my wife and my wife care so much for me.
> I don’t want to ever get married again,so all I want is just
> friendship,even I don’t want any sexual
> relationship,relationship with me are forbidden.
> I am staying focus in life,I know what I want,I am very
> ambitious and I know I will do so well.i want to learn more
> about islam,being a muslin is important to me.
> My wife is proberly having some problems and my wife was a
> decent wife,but I didn’t think she was ready for marriage,so
> we separated and go our own ways,I wish my wife luck in the
> future,she is decent woman,but still young at 23.
> So you know more about me,I hope we can still be friends,all
> I want right now is just friends,someone who I can chat to
> and exchange email

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