Job thoughts (again)

I am becoming the worst type of navel gazer and I would skip over this. Really. I’m beginning to bore myself.

Things I like

The internet
This really has been the coolest thing for me for such a long time and really I still want to be involved. It is quite a nebulous thing really, the internet, and I guess I’m interested in most bits, from the geeky satisfaction of fiddling with some HTML (how retro I hear you cry) to the sheer amazement of what Some People post on Facebook. I love the way people use the internet, how everyone does things in different ways, how navigation systems work, how people have to turn off their routers whenever they leave the house in a quasi – disconnecting the modem style way, how people are so determined to connect and communicate no matter what route and generally, how useful it is (except when you get stuck in a Google-wiki-pedia loop and spend the afternoon reading about closed Tube stations). I want to be involved and I can’t figure out how to be there. I can’t face a full time project management role, getting back into development seems too hard and I’m not sure I’m hardcore sales enough. Training might be a good option but on what, I don’t know.

Going new places, seeing amazing things, sitting on trains, people watching in airport queues (let me tell you about the fat american and his cambodian girlfriend in the Phnom Penh queue!!), meeting cool new people, trying crazy food.

Again. I don’t mean eating lots but more the thrill of cooking, the challenge of making something crazy, interesting and wonderful. The experience of trying new flavours and tastes. The glorious failures, actually, lets not talk about the glorious failures.

I don’t just mean to get drunk on, but the actual tasting and enjoyment of a really good bottle of wine. There are some lovely wines out there and some interesting things and I’d like to try more and experiment more. Have discovered a cracking wine shop on Victoria street with a charming and very interesting proprietor and I shall try going there more often.

Learning new stuff
I have been getting stale and not trying enough new things. I’ve been struggling so much with the admin and the boring side of life and its taken over a bit and I don’t like it. So I’m setting myself a goal of learning new things or trying new things. November I am writing 50,000 words – which given my verbiosity and ability to  type too fast, I think I should be okay. Instead of a whole book, I think it’s going to be a series of short stories. I need to think about learning some new stuff. I’m not trying yoga again tho.

Being outside and active
I like being outside, I like walking along in nature or cycling through the streets (not so keen on the hills). Climbing.

So how do I make a job from these? 

One thought on “Job thoughts (again)

  1. Sounds like you want one of those awesome jobs where you get to do everything you love and nothing crap at all.
    Maybe you should look at the opportunities created by being in a position like you are? ie is there a product you could develop that helps people like you? I’m sure you’re not alone.

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