I am very chilled now. I am at Naomi’s house with 2 cats snuggled on the sofa watching the worlds biggest TV and playing on my laptop. I’m slowly getting over a hangover and generally feeling quite at peace with the world. I made lovely roast lamb and butternut and now have a large glass of water and some olives to snack on if I feel the need to snack.

I did have to have the dirty dirty dirty Supernoodles earlier  to try and sort out my hangover tho. I was feeling quite rubbish this morning but made some rather lovely pancakes for me and Si for breakfast (goats cheese, mushrooms and ham) and then having a nap & some Supernoodles sorted the rest of it out. Still, it was the last day at work and these things need celebrating. It was a good night tho, lovely to catch up with friends and generally have fun, I did make poor Si take me for a late night chicken burger as well so it really was a weekend for filthy food.

Plan for the next few weeks is to sort out some temping work, do some life coaching and see what happens.