A strangely pleasant weekend even if it did start with a funeral. The funeral was much nicer than I expected, I was dreading it and especially dreading doing the reading but it was a lovely poem and made everyone cry. And then it was nice to see everyone at lunch after the funeral. So many people I have never met before tho which was weird. They all appeared to know who I was too which was bizarre because I knew none of them.

I got the train home on friday evening and was met at the station by the lovely Si who took me out for much needed wine and food. Saturday we walked into town and had lunch at Las Iguanas which was much nicer than nearly any other chain restaurant I’ve been too and then I went for coffee with Gareth, and then coffee with Matt after which I invaded his kitchen while he was watching football, and made a HUGE mess and some ridiculous food. A fridge cake of goats cheese & figs. It looked pretty much like sick on a plate but tasted lovely – really really rich and creamy.

We also had some adventures in bruschetta with roasted garlic cloves, manchego and membranillo. It was nice but needed some balsamic to cut the sweetness of the garlic. Or a sharper cheese.

We did try roasted garlic & black olives which was delish tho. And goats cheese & mint pesto (left over from the cake thing)