District 9

I finally saw this. It was excellent. I am still thinking about it. It was properly thought provoking and has lots and lots of subtlety and well thought out quirks. I loved the fact that it included so many South Africanisms and quite frequently laughed at inappropriate places where I heard some slang (doos!). I was very impressed at the portrayal of the apartheid between the aliens and the humans and the use of so many racist phrases which you would have heard during the apartheid era to describe black people – it showed a very accurate reflection of the attitudes that people had then.

The main character was a fabulous actor, he was totally unlikeable at the start – a proper dweeby twat and then he really came through. The way it was shot as almost documentary style in places was brilliant as well. I haven’t been transfixed by a movie in a long time and this one really did it.  Awesome.

Plus it was nice to see Joburg again. I do hope to get home sometime soon.