Walk the line

I’m going to be leaving work by the end of September. I am fairly relieved as it just hasn’t been working out and has been sending me slightly loopy over it all. Job hunting agogo now but there appears to be quite a few bits and pieces out there so I am not too worried. The Guardian thinks that the recession is over, how exciting. *sarcasm*

Poor Simon, he cooks me a very glamorous dinner of duck breast in greengage sauce, with samphire, roasted tomatoes and sweet potato rosti (ok, I made the rosti) and then I fall asleep on his couch.

In other exciting news:-
The police do actually have CCTV footage of where my moped was parked, they thought it was somewhere else. I’m going in tonight to make a statement. I suspect the insurance company will write off the bike tho, I’ve got to make a couple of calls and then I’ll know. Poor moped, I shall sell it for spares if they do write it off and that may net me enough to purchase a new one and insure it. Fingers crossed

I had wild boar for the first time the other night in Manchester. It was quite delicious.