I have been to the beach

Quite a few beaches in fact.

Monday afternoon I was collected by the lovely Si and we set off to Cornwall. I was slightly nervous as I was meeting his father for the first time and we all know how meeting parents can be *sniggers* I can report however that the general niceness of Si runs in the family and it all went well. Pleasingly I managed to not get too drunk, embarrass myself or throw wine everywhere (I saved that for Kirsten later on in the week)

On Tuesday, we spent quite a lot of time on the first day in Cornwall foraging along the seashore. We didn’t find that much but did try some rock samphire (quite grim – carrots & kerosine) but the highlight was definitely the mussels. Slightly too small but lovely juicy and delicious. Salty and tasting like the sea.

We did all our foraging on a glorious little beach in beautiful sunlight, which was rather lucky as just as we got into the carpark, it started pouring with rain. Luckily it blew over quickly. Check out how cool we are 🙂 

Si’s dad then cooked us a complete extravaganza of a dinner and poured delicious wine down our throats. I’ll post those later.

Wednesday we decided to set off to Penzance for St Michael’s Mount via the Eden Project. It was RAINING. A lot. Luckily stopped raining when we got to Marazion which is the town on the landside of the mount. It was very very windy tho.

Navigating was a bit worrisome, we kept running into flying saucers.

But it was okay, we made it to Lands End eventually and after paying the EXTORTIONATE car parking charges, we bimbled around for a bit and took some pictures. There were quite a lot of dangerous Cliffs tho.

From Lands End we started heading up the country, via some mines, St Ives, and then Newquay.

Newquay has a very nice beach, quite a lot of chavs and bars with pay-as-you-go hair straightners. We didn’t stay longer than we needed to have a pasty and a short walk.  Simon especially was way too cool for Newquay

After Newquay we made it up to Padstow ready for our meal at Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant. More on that later tho. Padstow is a really pretty place, I’d go there again. Even if I wasn’t with this lobster obsessed boy

We made it to the lobster hatchery the next morning tho.

So there we go, that was 5 days last week, missing quite a few things but a really lovely week. Friday night when we got back, I had a lovely friend of mine deliver my poor very very beaten up moped back to me. It was found in a hedge behind the station but it’s very broken and I’m not sure that it will even start. No idea whether to give up and get another one or to try and fix it up. Or to just give up on owning a vehicle given they all go wrong.