Weekends during the week

I do like them but I MUST not have too many otherwise they will feel unspecial. We went to Westonbirt Arboretum to look at some trees. It was very very pretty. They look so pretty and could be lethal. Neither of us would eat them.

Sleep glorious sleeeeeeep

Almost 11 hours (only interrupted by Vlad coming to peer at me every so often) and I feel like a new person. Chirpy chirpy. Glorious day too. And I have nothing much to do, other than dinner with a friend and maybe a cycle if I feel up to it. Currently not. Might go raid Naomi’s apple…


I am very chilled now. I am at Naomi’s house with 2 cats snuggled on the sofa watching the worlds biggest TV and playing on my laptop. I’m slowly getting over a hangover and generally feeling quite at peace with the world. I made lovely roast lamb and butternut and now have a large glass…

I finish work today

I’m going to skip out after lunch too otherwise I will fall asleep at my desk again. I am very relieved and currently the plan is to organise myself some temping work and some bar work for the evenings and generally keep busy and do some life coaching with Naomi to figure out what I want…


I have ordered this book to help me in my quest to find something vaguely gratifying to do during my working life. Plus the ever lovely Naomi has said she’ll do some coaching with me. She’s ace. I reckon she’ll be able to dig out some ideas of what I’d like to do out of…

BBC Weather strikes again

The report says  Thursday:Sunny Intervals max 18°C min 7°C Currently, it’s so foggy that I can’t see Bath out of the window. Also, I’ve actually got a tag for weather which I think technically makes me properly British now. I am so lame.

Deep thought

I have 4 months left on my Australian work visa. If I go now(ish) then I could work for 4 months and then extend it for another year. I want to be a personal chef on a yacht.