Longest Monday in History

Just an observation like. But I think today is a definite contender. Slow day. Loads of work done but all of it unsatisfying and not really very interesting. I’m still in shock that one of my colleagues could go away having left a to-do list with items on it from June. I would be terrified of being fired for that kind of behaviour, I am actually amazed that he could get away with it for so long, as Naomi says tho, some people are just teflon. I wonder what my boss is planning to do about it. I don’t think it’s the kind of thing that you can just leave tho so I hope she does something about it. I don’t know whether it’s something I can ask her tho.

Tonight I shall do laundry, go for a run, feed Vana and Vlad, go to Sainsbury and read some of my haul from the charity shop. Good haul today.