Weekend bimbling

So sunday dawned bright and early. I missed it, and woke up about 10ish. Sleeping late is a strong point at the moment, going to bed at a reasonable hour is not. I eventually got myself ready and Simon came to collect me. As the weather was a bit rubbish to have the roof of his car down, we decided to go for a walk to blow the cobwebs out. We went to Blaise Castle, which is not really a castle at all but there are loads of lovely walks to clamber up and down and around. We even saw the Woodmans Cottage which is so fairy talesque (except for the roof). We then tried eating nettles and discussed making a meal out of foraging. We got to nettle soup, blackberry crumble and rabbits. Oh and dandelion coffee.

On saturday I went cycling with Grand Master Phaff again, here he is, looking unimpressed at having his lunch interupted by my picture taking. Had a delicious ploughmans as well (and then again today for a ‘working lunch’). We did do 25 miles that day so worked off any cheese consumed!

On the thursday previous to this lovely glorious weekend, I went out with my lovely girls – aren’t we fabulous! Unfortunately dinner at Strada was a bit average, with Naomi’s dinner being watery and grim in the extreme.

One day, I am going to click on that advert that says ‘Cut down 3lbs of your belly every week by using this 1 weird tip’. I suspect the frantic clicking on the Close Window button may generate enough energy to control it tho.

All good. I need new trainers. And work shoes. Stupid feet.